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Quantum Cleansing Bath

Dr. Bob Marshall

Breezing Through a Detox

The Cleansing Bath can be a significant help for those suffering from detox symptoms.  In fact, many practitioners often recommend a Cleansing Bath as a foot bath when a person is experiencing uncomfortable detox symptoms such as mood swings, mental fogginess, physical pain anywhere in the body as well as many other detox complaints.  The Cleansing Bath as a foot bath can be a real ace to help rapidly clear these distressing detox symptoms and may allow even an elderly person to regain a better sense of well being and balance in a relatively short time.

Preserving the Piezo-Electrical Properties

In order to preserve the maximum piezo-electrical power of the special detoxifying crystalline minerals, they have been crushed rather than ground in a grinder.  Thus, some of the mineral crystals may not dissolve completely in your bath water.  However, the photoluminescent effect generated from the whole mineral crystals is maximally operative in the water.  This allows the Cleansing Bath to deliver far superior health benefits.

Gentle Detoxification For Superior Health and Whole Body Detoxification

The Quantum Cleansing Bath provides extraordinary, body-wide replacement and restoration of key natural-source electrolytes and other minerals, often compromised by medical drugs, a mineral-deficient diet, extreme stress, chemical exposure, lack of sleep, chronic illness and many other factors. In addition it provides key detoxifying agents including halite mineral-crystal complexes, unheated volcanic clay, peat magma (a carbon-matrix humate, rich in humic and fulvic acids) and more.

The Cleansing Bath can be used as a full body bath, for approximately 20 minutes in warm water, which can gently detoxify the entire body via its maximum cation exchange capacity from its multiple, highly ionized natural sea mineral sources.  The Cleansing Bath can also be used as a foot soak.  When the feet are immersed in the Cleansing Bath solution, a remarkable ion exchange occurs. Nutritive minerals are taken up through the many sensitive acupressure areas of the feet into systemic circulation and simultaneously, there is a gentle exchange of toxic compounds released from many internal pathways throughout the body that are liberated into the water.

The Quantum Cleansing Bath as a foot bath can be used effectively and without concern for side effects, even for the chronically compromised and elderly – all the way to the competition athlete. To feel immediately refreshed after a long day, many people enjoy the soothing effect of the Cleansing Bath as a foot bath. If preferred, the Cleansing Bath may be used as a whole body bath as well with outstanding success.

Cleansing Bath Key Features
  • Detoxifying baths with clay, crystalline minerals, peat magma and herbs; key detox agents used for centuries in many cultures.
  • Maximum cation exchange of bio accumulated toxins at targeted sites to optimize the rapid return to ideal cellular resonance.
  • Assists in detoxification of bio accumulated chemicals and radiation exposure in the ground substance of the body to return to ideal cellular resonance.
  • Promotes healthy circulation and immune systems; helps ease muscle tension; helps rejuvenate cells.
  • Initiates the “thermal effect”; an increased deep intrinsic cellular cleansing effect.
  • 100% premier quality ingredients: No oxidized, heated, toxic minerals or salts; no heated, irradiated or pesticided herbs.

Preserving the Piezo-Electrical Properties

In order to preserve the maximum piezo-electrical power of the special detoxifying crystalline minerals, they have been crushed rather than ground in a grinder. Thus, some of the mineral crystals may not dissolve completely in your bath water. However, the photo-luminescent effect generated from the whole mineral crystals is maximally operative in the water. This allows the Quantum Cleansing Bath to deliver far superior health benefits.

Quantum Cleansing Bath: Premier Ingredients

Proprietary, Quantum-State Blend: Unheated Halite Mineral-Crystal Complexes, premium-grade, unheated Volcanic Clay (rhyolitic tuff breccia, rich in naturally occurring, beneficial minerals and rare earths), Peat Magma (a carbon-matrix humate, rich in humic and fulvic acids); Unheated Crystalline Minerals: Sodium Borate, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Sesquicarbonate; Detoxifying Herbal Extracts: Hyssop (folia) (Hyssopus off.), Chrysanthemum (bud) (Chrysanthemum morifolium), Hare’s Ear (root) (Bupleurum rot.), Dandelion (root) (Taraxicum off.), Burdock (root) (Arctium lappa), Essential Oils: Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), Juniper (bud) (Juniperus communis), Lavender (Lavandula vera), Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), Cedar (leaf) (Thuja occidentlis), Fir (needle) (Abies sibirica), Peru Balsam (resin) (Myroxylon pereirae);
Synergists: Olive Oil, Vitamins A, C, and E, Trace Minerals.

Medi-Blast Procedure
  1. Add hot water - Fill a foot-size, plastic container (non-metallic) with 12 cups of hot water (purified water is best, but not absolutely necessary).  Note: If tap water is used (which is known to contain various toxic chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, etc.), then a small portion of the foot bath's detoxifiying power will be used up in detoxifying the water itself, but the major detoxifying effect will still be available to act.  The foot bath water should be very warm, but not too hot.  For some individuals, such as diabetcs, the sense of temperature may be impaired and they may be unable to accurately sense water temperature.  In these cases, only use mildly warm water (to avoid water that is too hot that may burn or hurt the skin.)  If you are unsure, always use a milder temperature of water.  Cooler water is better than too hot.

  2. Add powder - Add 1 cup of Cleansing Bath powder (a blend of detoxifying earth minerals, volcanic clay, shilajit, moor magma, herbal concentrates, crystalline minerals and more) and briefly mix into the water with your hand.  Note: Some of the crystalline minerals contained in the Cleansing Bath will only partially dissolve in the water. You may feel slightly chunky crystals on the bottom of the plastic container when your feet are in the water.  This is fine.  It is not necessary to wait until they have completely dissolved.  In fact, once these crystalline minerals are submerged in the water, they begin to emit a very fine, highly resonant, piezoelectric effect into the water which assists in powerfully drawing out impurities and toxins from the body.  Some individuals who are very sensitive are able to feel this very fine frequency in the water during the foot bath, almost like a low-grade electrical current.  This is the magnificent power of genuine, highly resonant mineral frequencies that are being released.  However, if you are unable to feel this unique effect, do not worry.  The foot bath is still working at full potency.  Optional: It is especially effective to add 4 drops of Quantum Garlicidin Liquid (serious immune detox/support) into the water.

  3. Soak for 10 minutes - Soak feet in the water for 10 minutes, then towel dry. It is fine if the feet are not completely submerged in the water during the soaking time.  Note:  Always avoid letting the feet get cold during the soaking time.

  4. Towel-dry feet - After 10 minutes, the maximum cation exchange power of the Cleansing Bath will be exhausted (i.e. the maximum amount of toxins will have been absorbed into the water).  Discard the water and do not re-use.

  5. Go outside for 5 minutes - Go outside for 5 minutes (or more if desired) to receive beneficial solar radiation (day or night) to reinforce the new cellular resonance for the whole body.  In cold weather, still try to go outside even for a minute or two, if possible.

Weight Considerations

For the maximum "pulling effect" of toxins from the body, the ratio of water to mineral/solutes in the Medi-Blast foot bath is very important. Adding too much or too little water can weaken the detoxifying effect of the Medi-Blast. Therefore, please follow the chart below for the best proportions based on your weight:
  • For those who weigh 100 to 200 lbs use 12 cups of water to 1 cup Cleansing Bath
  • For those who weigh 200 to 300 lbs use 18 cups of water to 1 ˝ cup Cleansing Bath
  • For those who weigh 40 to100 lbs use 6 cups water to ˝ cup Cleansing Bath

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This health product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Health Products USA recommends consulting a physician before taking any health supplements.


Founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, Dr. Robert Marshall is a certified, internationally trained clinical nutritionist, past president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He is the host of HealthLine, a radio broadcast aired continuously since 1986, currently in over 15 states, and the author of many research papers and articles. Dr. Marshall has operated one of the largest chronic illness practices in Southern California for many years. Currently his main activities include overseeing Quantum Nutrition Labs' manufacturing, as well as writing and teaching professional seminars.

Dr. Bob Marshall maintains clinical facilities in Torrance, California and Round Rock, Texas, where he continues to test and refine new and existing formulations. Quantum Nutrition Labs provides consumers and health professionals with full lines of nutritional, body care, and lifestyle products that work synergistically to achieve and keep great health. Quantum Nutrition Labs has clinically developed its products, working together with medical doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and other health professionals to produce functional food/herb phytonutrient products that embody "Nutrition That Really Works". Dr Marshall delivers uncompromising quality using unwavering standards of excellence to ensure extraordinary product purity. He has developed, clinically tested and proven the effectiveness of each of its cutting edge nutritional formulas. Dr. Marshall's mission is: "to empower every person to access their own limitless healing potential through the use of HealthLine resonance nutraceutical formulations, spectacular detoxification techniques and premier therapeutic strategies."

Health Products USA is licensed to distribute nutritional products manufactured by Quantum Nutrition Labs - Austin, TX